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What is design? Design can be marketing for your brand, institution, or service in the form of a website, packaging, banners, mailers...  or even in the form of internal documents, contracts and such.

The way Arpit Mehta sees it, design is the medium wherein utility flourishes. You cannot have one without the other, and this is the approach he takes with every design project. In addition to getting to know the client, he spends time inquiring about the nature of the project, its intended use, the target audience, as well as inspirations in order to establish the foundations on which he will be designing.

Having worked with corporations, non-profits, as well as religious organizations, AM Designs bring a varied skill set that ranges from visual marketing to document creation to user interface solutions and more. If you or your company have specific design needs or questions, please contact him via phone or e-mail. Also, feel free to ask him about new client discounts.

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